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About us
A Finland-based Kalastus Television Oy (Kalastus TV) was founded by Ville Haapasalo, a famous Finnish actor and a TV-host, and a producer Kirill Legat in 2018. At the beginning of 2019, Kalastus TV started filming premium-quality television content about fishing, travelling and adventures not only in Finland, 'the Land of the Thousand Lakes', but also in other countries. In the autumn of 2019, the international team of Kalastus TV launched a streaming platform kalastus-tv.fi.

Our shows and films are available in English, Finnish and Russian languages. The access to the content is provided on a paid basis (via a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription), as well as for free.

You can watch Kalastus TV shows and films on any device – a Smartphone, a Tablet, through any browser on your computer, through Chromecast or Apple TV on your television set.

How to watch

All you need to do to start watching our shows and films is to create an account and to choose the subscription plan. The free plan gives you an access to the limited amount of content, while the subscription plan (both the monthly subscription and the yearly subscription) grants you the unlimited access to all the content available, as well as to all future premieres.

If you choose the yearly subscription, you get 2 months for free!

Both subscription plans include a free 7-day trial period. The first payment is charged on the next day after the trial period. It’s possible to change your subscription plan or to cancel it at any moment.

Kalastus TV programs

Kalastus TV content library is original premium-quality shows and films created by an international team of professionals. We enter 2021 with ‘Fishing Dialogues’ channel as our partner. The shows of this Russia-based fishing channel are now available on kalastus-tv.com, with English subtitles.

Our shows and films can be divided into three main categories: Fishing, Adventures and Travel.

Fishing is undoubtedly a lifestyle for millions of people. Fishing rods are known since the time immemorial, going back to thousands of years ago, while fish has always been and still is a part of our ration. Our programs will tell not only about the ways to catch fish, but also how to make delicious meals out of it.

When going fishing, there is always a chance that people who love nature and who are not afraid to meet it face-to-face, are going to get into fascinating and unforgettable adventures. You will find programs about such adventures in our content library.

And of course every fishing trip is a travel experience of a kind! Sometimes short and quite comfortable, and sometimes this travel could last for days and even weeks. Some of our shows will tell you about the people going to the unknown territories not only in Finland, but also in other countries.

Kalastus TV team