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A cookie is a small text file sent to the hard drive of the User's computer from the Administrator's server. Cookies contain information that can later be used by the Administrator.

Information obtained through Cookies can also be used by the Administrator for statistical research aimed at adjusting the content of the Service in accordance with the preferences of the Users. The user can change the settings for accepting cookies in the settings of his browser or disable them completely, however, in this case, some functions of the Service may not work correctly.

The Administrator can use Cookies in order to control the use of the Service, collect non-personal information about Users, save preferences and other information on the User's computer in order to save Users time, which is necessary for the repeated entering of the same information in the forms of the Service, as well as for the purposes of displaying content during subsequent visits by the User to the Service.

Unique identifiers stored in cookies on the device allow us to confirm that you are the owner of your account on the Service.

Information about your actions

We collect information about what actions you perform on the Service. This enables various useful features of the Service to function, but we will not, without your explicit consent, provide your personal information to any third party for their or any third party marketing. We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

- Administration of our Service and business

- Personalizing our Service for you

- Providing you with the opportunity to use the services available on the Service;

We use the collected data in order to customize the Service in accordance with the needs of Users, to provide individual recommendations and specially selected content. Our service does not contain third party advertisements, therefore we do not collect data for the purpose of showing you advertisements of any third parties. Our service only advertises the Service, the content of the Service posted on the Service, so that you can conveniently use our Service and receive proper information about films and TV shows that are of interest to you. We do not share information about you with third parties for use for purposes other than using our Service.

We collect viewing information to provide aggregate reports to the copyright holders of films and series. For example, copyright holders can find out the number of views of their content for a certain period. We provide copyright holders only with summary reports, which do not disclose information about individual Users.

We collect and analyze IP addresses and cookies in order to prevent unlawful actions by malicious software. If we detect spam, malicious software or abuse on our Service, violation of any rules, then we reserve the right to disable your account or take other measures. In certain circumstances, we may also report a violation to the competent government authorities.

Information about you is not visible and inaccessible to other Users. Under no circumstances should you provide your login and password from your personal account to third parties.

Information Management

In the settings of the Personal Account of the Service, you can manage your contact information. The user can change (update, supplement) the information provided by him at any time. The user can suspend the processing of his personal data. To do this, the User must contact After the suspension of the User's data processing, access to the Service is terminated until a new consent to the User's data processing is obtained.

If the User has deleted or suspended the processing of his data, then the cost for the purchased services that the User started using are not refunded.

Please note that your phone, TV or other gadget, application and / or browser also collect data about you. In this case, the Service does not participate in the collection of information.

We may provide your personal information to legal entities and individuals not related to the Service if we believe in good faith that these persons have the right to receive, use, store or disclose this information on the following grounds:

- They ensure compliance with the requirements of the law, implement a court decision or enforce the request of a state body / institution;

- They detect, suppress or otherwise discourage fraud, and work to resolve technical or security issues.

Protecting your data

To protect your information, our Service provides special means and technical tools. Our Service implements reliable security measures to ensure the security of your data. When servicing the Service, we receive information that allows us to detect and automatically fix a variety of security problems. If necessary, we will inform you about certain problems and tell you how to avoid them.

We will take reasonable and organizational precautions to prevent loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information.

European Union legislation

To the extent that European Union legislation on the protection of personal data applies to the processing of your data, we provide the means described in this Privacy Policy by which you can request access to your information, update or delete it, and set restrictions on processing it.

The Service and this Policy comply with the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 or GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation).

If you have any questions related to GDPR, please send an email to the Administrator to the Administrator's email address: